Hire Me Tools

Providing Tool Hire Since 1985


Tool Hire


Hand Tools - hammers, saws, spanners, pliers, screwdrivers, files, chisels, drill bits, sockets,, measuring tapes, gauges, paint brushes, floats, trowels, spirit levels


Decorating - silicone, adhesives and glues, tapes, decorators caulk, putty, turps, linseed oil, fence treatments, caustic soda, meths, pest control products.


Fixings - screws, nails, anchor and expansion bolts, frame fixings, wall plugs, nuts, bolts, washers, rivets, coach bolts and screws, eye bolts,hooks, rope, chain, shackles, clips and more.


Electrical - cable, flex, sockets and switches, junction boxes, spurs, plugs, lamp holders, earth clamps, cable clips, adaptors, connectors, extension leads, bulbs


Plumbing - copper pipe, compression, solder and end feed fittings, plastic speedfit.

Ironmongery - hinges, drop bolts, pad bolts, hasps, locks, latches, cabin hooks, window stays, handles, security fittings

Tool Hire


Drilling - drill bits, cutting and grinding blades, hole cutters, router bits, diamond, cobalt, HSS and TCT for metal, wood, masonry and ceramics.


Power tools - a range of popular DIY power tools are always in stock, and professional power tools are available to order at competitive prices.


Abrasives - sand paper, wet and dry paper, abrasive pads, belts for sanders, floor scrubbing pads, wire brushes, wire wool


Safety Wear - hard hats, goggles, ear defenders, rain suits, dust masks and refills, vests, welding masks


Cutting and Grinding - cut-off and grinding wheels for petrol and electric machines from 4-14" diameter, tile cutters, jig saw blades, stanley knives, wood bits, masonry bits


Consumables - calor gas, propane and butane in all sizes, welding rods for electric, gas and mig, cord for recoils, spark plugs, chain oil, strimmer cord and blades